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Mrs. Aruk Omori
(GB Nigeria)
>Chairperson (IVP)

Mrs. Joyce Kafumbe
(GB Zambia)
>Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Irene Adama
(GB Ghana)
>Fellowship Treasurer.

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Our Aim
The aim of The Girls’ Brigade is to help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through reverence, self-control and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.

GB Tanzania began on 10/6/2001 with the commissioning of 5 Companies and a total of 173 members. Naomi Ngururi was appointed as the first National Secretary.

  • In 2002 two new Companies were opened, bringing the total to 7.
  • In 2004 Naomi went to study in UK and Helen Hoskins was elected as the second National Secretary.
  • In 2004 10 new Companies were opened bringing the total to 17.
  • In 2005, 5 more Companies and in 2006, one more Company were opened so we now have a total of 23 Companies with over 600 members.
  • We are continuing to strengthen and build up these new Companies and to prepare them for Commissioning.

Weekly Meetings
All Companies meet on Saturday afternoons from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm and follow our GB program. We have a 16 week syllabus for new Companies which prepares the girls for commissioning. We have produced five more syllabuses for ongoing programs.
All Companies sit for an end of year exam.

In December 2004 we had our first GB Camp, attended by 195 girls and officers from 14 Companies.
In June 2005 we had 5 Camps at different locations for over 400 people from 17 Companies.
In December 2005 we had a Young Leaders Camp for Seniors and Brigaders, with 150 Officers and girls from 22 Companies.
In June 2006 we had 7 Camps to celebrate the GB International Day of Prayer and 5 years of GB Tz with over 400 people from 18 Companies.

Our first Commissioning Service was held on 10/6/2001 for 5 Companies with 35 Officers and 138 girls.
We had two Commissioning Services in 2005 and three more in 2006 for 18 Officers and 60 girls.

Officers Training
GB Tanzania has a team of 6 Commissioned Officers who have the important ministry of conducting one day Seminars for Officers for new Companies, and 5 day Officers Training Seminars to prepare for Commissioning.
Officers’ Training Seminars were conducted in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 (total attendance 189).
109 people attended one day seminars in 2005.

Officers Conferences

The first Officers’ Conference was held in February 2005 and attended by 57 Officers and Chaplains from 14 Companies.
Our second Officers’ Conference in February 2006 was attended by 55 Officers from 15 Companies.
We had sessions on Bible Study, Trauma Counselling, AIDS, projects and Drill. We also passed our GB Tz Constitution.

Africa and International Conferences
Officers have been encouraged attending Africa Fellowship conferences – one to Botswana in 2001, four to Kenya in 2003 and five to Zambia in 2005.
Two Officers attended ICGB 2002 in Thailand, and two attended ICGB 2006 in Northern Ireland.

Please Pray for Us
Please pray for GB Tanzania.
For our Officers to be committed and to faithfully prepare and teach our girls.

  • For the girls to grow strong in Jesus.
  • For all our Companies to be strengthened and built up.
  • For preparation of Companies for Commissioning.
  • The Cloistered Carmelite Sisters in Bunda who pray for our ministry.