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Mrs. Aruk Omori
(GB Nigeria)
>Chairperson (IVP)

Mrs. Joyce Kafumbe
(GB Zambia)
>Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Irene Adama
(GB Ghana)
>Fellowship Treasurer.

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The Girls’ Brigade

The work of The Girls Brigade started in Sierra Leone in 1956.The latest statistics record that there are three hundred members spread over 17 companies. The Girls wear a blue skirt, white short sleeved blouse, tie.forage cap and a blue sash for badges and awards.

Due to the unrest in this country over the past few years Brigade has found it difficult but we hope that they will be able to go forward now. Our contact in Sierra Leone is Battu Jambawai.

Population                    4,719,000
Status                         Republic                                  
Capital                         Freetown
Language                    English [official] Krio
Religion                       Local beliefs 30% Muslims 60% Protestant 6%
Climate                       mining of diamonds, bauxite, iron ore, gold and titanium; rice, coffee, cocoa, citrus fruits, timber