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Mrs. Aruk Omori
(GB Nigeria)
>Chairperson (IVP)

Mrs. Joyce Kafumbe
(GB Zambia)
>Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Irene Adama
(GB Ghana)
>Fellowship Treasurer.

A Life Transformrd in GBA PDF Print E-mail

Dina was born in the village of Kunzugu in 1995, the 8th of 9 children in her family.

Dina was enrolled in the local primary school, but due to poor health was forced to drop out and so was never able to read and write.

•In 2010 she joined the local Anglican Church.  When a GB Company began, Dina soon became a keen member.  Although she could not read or write, she was welcomed and able to join in all the activities.  Dina received Jesus as her Saviour and was baptised.

As a Senior and Brigader she learned many important life lessons.

•In 2013 she was accepted as a student at the Girls’ Brigade Sewing and Handcraft Centre in Bunda.  It was a wonderful opportunity for Dina to be part of a school community. She showed aptitude for sewing and developed her skills there as well as improving her reading and writing ability and growing in her faith in Jesus.

Dina in the classroom at GB Centre