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Mrs. Aruk Omori
(GB Nigeria)
>Chairperson (IVP)

Mrs. Joyce Kafumbe
(GB Zambia)
>Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Irene Adama
(GB Ghana)
>Fellowship Treasurer.

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Zamiba Home Membership Structure Gallery

Zambia has continued to grow steadily and currently the membership has increased from 155 to 175 companies and 6243 to 7318 members. This is a good sign of our country growth in Girls Brigade. Below is tabulation for our membership according to division:

Division Number Number of Companies Number of Officers Number of Girls
Division 1 6 152 821
Division 2 37 301 956
Division 3 19 86 658
Division 4 14 103 912
Division 5 4 1 214
Division 6 /7 5 32 127
Division 8 5 62 275
Division 9 9 30 301
Division 10 27 108 681
Division 11 17 129 561
Division 12 3 9 63
Division 13 5 42 102
Division 14 5 23 96
Division 15 2 11 51
Division 16 6 43 123
Division 17/18 7 43 101
Division 19 4 16 65
Totals 175 1211 6107

GBZ Structure
The GB leadership in the country remains as per last year.  In June 2009 GBZ will be holding elections through out the country.  We need your prayers as we go towards elections.  The structure of GBZ is as below:

( All National Executive, All Commandants, All Captains and representatives
from member churches)

National Administration Committee,
All Convenors, All Commissioners

( Two or more companies in geographical area)

(Two or more Companies in geographical area)

( Attached to a church or mission.  Minimum of 10 girls and at least a trained officer)

Age Groups
Girls Brigade Zambia is divided in four age groups : 5-8 years old Explorers, 9-11 years old Junior, 12-14 years old seniors and 15-18 years old Brigaders.  At 18 years and above girls ae prepared for leadership in Brigade.  Most of the girls at this age and there- after become young leaders and go through some training.  When they attain the age of 21 years old years old they go through officers Basic Course and if they qualify, they become Lieutenants.

GBZ Uniform
Girls Brigade of Zambia has maintained both GB International colours of white and blue.  The official uniform has white blouse and blue skirt.  The shoes are black short hilled and no jewelries are allowed on uniforms.  GBZ share metal badges and lanyards with other brigade world wide.

During ceremonial events, GBZ members put on ceremonial uniforms which are nevy blue suits with white shirts for officers and girls have nevy blue sleeveless dresses with white shirts.

Adjustments to the uniforms are done in a full National Council Meeting. Uniforms ae made from the National Office.

Badge work
GBZ appreciate the work of girls in their four age groups by way of giving them badges and at times other items are given to the girls as awards.  Badge work is mainly associated with teaching programmes that is uniform through out the country and at each year end girls are assessed in all four sided programmes.  The girls that do well are given badges which are put on the sash.  The sash is worn on top of the uniform.  The badges are cloth badges according to age group.

This year Brigaders will do assignment on community project and in August, God willing, a Republican Presidents award will be given to the girl(s) that will do well. The girls are doing survey or research within their community focusing on a particular problem or matter of their choice.  At the end of the observation period, a detailed report of how the survey was conducted will be required, showing among other things why they pocked the topic, the findings, solutions, recommendations and any other details they wish to make known on the chosen problem.  Duration of the project is 6 months.

All Africa Conference in Nigeria
In 2008, 29 officcers and one girl attended the above event.  The conference which was only attended by five other Countries was well organized, but poorly attended. As a Nation we pray that Countries where GB exists should improve and attend conferences so that we start fellowship together.

Upon our return from Nigeria, Our Republican President passed away.  This took the nation backwards and most of the activities of Girls Brigade affected.  Due to the same problem, the preparation for All Africa Girls Camp was also affected but we want to thank the Almighty God that, in the middle of the mentioned problems, we managed to do whatever we did to this date.

National Calendar of Activites

  1. We failed to hold a National Rally which was scheduled for 26 August 2008 because this period was within the National Mourning of our late President
  2. We held our National Conference in December 2008.  the Conference was well attended
  3. We managed to hold Executive and Trainers meetings in February and March 2009.  The two events were not well attended due to the breakout of cholera in some parts of the nation.


Our country has been struggling financially for the past two years but some light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen.  This, if it comes to pass, will enable us to clear all debts that we are owing to our International Offices as well as finalise the building project that we commended at our training centre in Luanshya.

Seed Money
Zambia received one thousand pounds (£1,000) for seed project from the International Office.  The money is for Female Youth Initiative Project for girls not in formal education who have since started doing tailoring and knitting at our National office.  Preparation is on going to open an eating place within our premises and the girls will be catering for customers.  The project is aimed at empowering girls or young women with skills which will be enabling them to raise funds for themselves and their families.  Most of  these girls are from homes that have been affected by HIV/AIDS and lose of jobs by closure of the Mines in Luanshya.

Second Chance Project
With the introduction of a policy by government that allows pregnant girls to continue with education, most of the client we had at the project in Ndola have been taken back in formal education.  We have since turned the Girls Brigade House in Ndola into a nursery school and e are still planning for other events that can be carried out at that place.

Future Plans
About 7 members and 4 touring parties will attnd ICGB in Malasyia 20 leader have already shown interest of attending the All Africa Conference in Tanzania

We are faced with early marriages among our brigade members especially those from rural areas
Financially down especially at the moment when everyone is singing about global financial crisis.

To revisit the constitution of Africa Fellowship to include the position of Africa Secretary and Africa Training Coordinator
Presidents Meeting to be held

We thank the Africa leadership for work done especially on improved communication.  We hope to work closely with them in supporting African countries especially where Girls Brigade is not opened.

Lt Joyce Kafumbe
National President